The Discomfort of Blooming (Five Minute Friday)

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This spring, my children asked for their own plants to take care of and watch grow. We bought several, potted them, watered them and found good spots for them on the patio.

The next day, both children were looking for flowers and tomatoes. The idea that this would take time had not fully absorbed in their little minds. So impatiently, day after day, they would inspect their plants, then walk away with sad little faces when there was nothing new to report. At one point, my son quit checking on his plant altogether.

And so it happened that I was the one to discover the first buds and the first tiny tomatoes. Their excitement bubbled over . . . until the buds did not open overnight and the tomatoes did not ripen right away.

Through this experience I have been reminded of the process, the patience involved in blooming and in bearing fruit. And I have been reminded that while blooms are beautiful, it first requires a breaking open, a pushing against barriers. It takes time and strength and will. It takes not giving up when it seems nothing is happening.

So we water our plants every day, pull away the dead leaves, look closely for growth. But mostly we wait. And we don’t give up. And I let truth whisper its reminders to my weary heart.

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  1. Oh I like the line, “let truth whisper.” Thank you for sharing. This is lovely.

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