An Invitation to Creative Community

IMG1151For a little over a year now, I have been on a journey. Surprising. Complex. Challenging.

It started with an invitation. My friend Elora Nicole had developed a course called Story 101 and while I wasn’t even entirely sure what it entailed, I was immediately intrigued. (It didn’t hurt that Elora is a kindred spirit, a friend I’ve known since I was 6, and an amazing writer.) When the opportunity opened for me to take the course, I jumped at the chance.

I expected to become a better writer. I expected to be challenged and stretched. I expected to rekindle a fire for creativity that had long been dwindling down to a few tiny sparks. But there was one thing I never saw coming.


To find community in the context of creativity was a wholly foreign concept for me. As an artistic soul, I have also frequently been alone. The girl who took ballet when everyone else was playing sports. The girl who listened to classical music while everyone else listened to whatever pop culture was pumping out on the radio. The girl who preferred curling up on the couch to watch musicals over seeing the newest blockbuster at the theater. The girl who cried almost every night during her first year of high school because she loved band and no one else was interested. The girl who loved her English class poetry project and read Shakespeare for fun.

And eventually I spent less and less time with the words and sounds and images that made my heart come alive. Art in all its forms begs to be shared, but I had no one to share it with. Then I was a college graduate and a high school teacher, and time to nurture my own creativity seemed lost for good. Until marriage and motherhood came along, and then I knew for certain it was lost for good.

Until it wasn’t. Story 101 was more than a class or an e-course; it was a lifeline for my passions. It was a re-birth for the seeds that had been waiting, dormant but not dead. I was surrounded by a community who understood me, a community committed to the excavation of every individual’s voice and dreams and stories. We wrote our hard things together. We pushed ourselves to try new genres together. We spoke aloud the stories we’d only held in our hearts before. It was powerful and transforming. I am not alone in my creative journey anymore.

Story 101 is about to offered live for the last time. And you should be part of it. If any part of you has ever considered investing in your love of words, you should do it. For ten weeks, make space to dig around in your own heart and find your voice, find your message, find your story. Who knows what will awaken in you? And to sweeten the deal, since it is the last run, the course is being offered at the discounted price of $127

Don’t miss out. You have a voice, and it needs to be heard. So this is it – come join the story.

Image from Gayl Sanders Wright

Image from Gayl Sanders Wright

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