Day 4: Family Time (31 Days of Simple Truths)

31daysOfSimpleTruthsI’m slipping in at the last minute, after a day spent with my family. We made pancakes, went for a hike at a nearby nature preserve, then cleaned up and headed to my cousin’s wedding. I’ve just tucked two munchkins into bed who wore themselves out dancing, eating cake and running in circles with second cousins they rarely see. It was a good day, and as my body starts prompting me toward bed, I feel how much my soul needed it.

I’m very task-oriented. I get things done, but sometimes, I can lose sight of people in the process. And I can definitely lose sight of me.

With boxes still unpacked, walls that need to be painted before pictures can be hung, a week of homeschooling to prep for, and work hours that I’m behind on after all the moving and being sick, it was tempting to come up with a to do list for the weekend. But I’m finally learning (isn’t that nice?), and I paid attention to the needs of my family and the needs of my own body & heart.

We rested. We played. We watched movies. We enjoyed autumn’s belated arrival to Texas. We caught up with relatives we haven’t seen in awhile. And now, the week ahead seems a little less daunting.

It’s been said before, but it’s a truth worth saying again and again—sometimes, we need a little less doing and a lot more being.

20151004_181140 20151004_181239


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  1. What a glorious day! I love the pictures. You look beautiful, and your kids are getting so big!

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