Day 16: The To Do List (31 Days of Simple Truths)

20151016_160110I have a love/hate relationship with to do lists. On one hand, I get almost giddy about checking things off. I’m that weird person who adds things to the list if they weren’t on there, just so I can cross them off. It feels good!!!

And they keep me organized. I’m a paper and pencil kind of girl. Writing it down helps me remember and think it all through. In an age of all manner of gadgets and apps, this approach is still my favorite. It works for me.

But it’s easy to give to much power to my list. I tend to be overly ambitious, and then I feel inadequate when I can’t manage to get it all done. I especially tend to get overly ambitious about how many things I can do for other people, although it’s safe to say, I’m finally becoming a lot wiser about that.

Today I overwhelmed myself. There were too many things written down, and I knew it right away, yet still tried to convince myself I could do it. But early afternoon, I had a moment of clarity and picked a few things that could be let go. Instant relief.

It’s hard sometimes to accept that I can’t do it all, but there is so much freedom when I finally do. I’m always going to be a list maker, but every day, I get better and better at listening to myself, listening to the Holy Spirit, and accepting what I can or cannot bring to the table.


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