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40 Days of Poetry – Calling

Photo by Jennifer Upton

Photo by Jennifer Upton

You –

but what “me” do you mean?

The parts you like, the parts you don’t like?

The part you see because this is the role I have to fill today?

Tell me what sets my heart ablaze.

What do I dream about, weep over?

Do you even know this “you” you’re speaking to?


Are –

a state of being, but perhaps not my being –

perhaps an image you’ve projected on to me.

An affirmative verb – it should feel encouraging.

Why does it feel narrow, restricting?


Called –

but by whom?  By you?  By God?

It seems unlikely He would make me so complex,

then define me so rigidly,

leave entire aspects out of the composition.

And called what – a name, a title, a job?

The further I dive to seek clarity,

the muddier the waters become.


*This is inspired by a prompt for 40 Days of Poetry via Story Sessions.


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