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Five Minute Friday: Encouragement

Image Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Sometimes I think encouragement gets looked down on as a lesser gift.  Like we think it’s shallow.  Only needed for those too weak to pick themselves up.

But – and here I go all English nerdy – that’s not what the word implies at all.  En- is one of those prefixes that suggests “in” or “into”.  And it’s paired with courage.  To encourage someone is literally to impart courage to them, to infuse them with bravery and the will to continue.  It is affirming who they are and the belief that they can.  It is a lifting up when the battle is raging all around and saying, “Come on.  We’ve got this.”

And it can take a lot more than a few nice words to impart courage to a trembling soul.  Maybe this is why we look down it, to avoid coming alongside in the trenches and taking up our weapons and saying, “Let’s do this.  We’re braver together.”

Encouragement matters so much.  We should be lavishly generous with it, even if to a fault.  I would rather be known as someone who was always ready to speak life into the souls of others than one who withheld.

Be crazy generous with your encouragement today.  There’s not a living soul around you who doesn’t truly need it (no matter what they say).

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