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Day 26: When Plans Change (31 Days of Simple Truths)



I was so proud of myself this morning.

Mondays can be rough, and I knew today was going to be especially full for me. I realized that come dinnertime I was going to be worn out, so I thought ahead and put a roast in the crock pot.

We got home around 6pm, but when we walked into the house, instead of being greeted with the wonderful, warm scent of dinner, there was the scent of . . . nothing. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I turned the crock pot on this morning, but somehow, by some freak incident, it turned off at some point.

I nearly burst into tears.

Of course there was no plan B. And no leftovers because it’s only Monday. The budget is pretty tight right now, so the thought of eating out was painful. I kind of just wanted to tell everyone to go to bed, they’d survive without dinner for one night, and we’d try again tomorrow.

But I quickly realized that was a horrible idea. Fortunately, I remembered a pizza coupon in the drawer—miracles!

And even though I was enormously frustrated, the evening turned around. We ended up having a good time as a family, eating pizza and watching the new Supergirl TV show. My kids never get to watch “grown up” TV at night, so it was a big kid treat for them. Not so bad after all.

It’s hard when plans change—big or small. But I’m learning to not let those moments derail me and to go a step further by making something special out of them. It was nice to treat Monday night like Friday night, even if that wasn’t the original plan. Maybe it was exactly what we needed.

Well, my roast is cooking now, so we’ll eat good tomorrow. And next time I grocery shop, maybe I’ll remember to buy an emergency back up dinner . . . just in case.


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Day 17: Getting Away (31 Days of Simple Truths)

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

We’re camping this weekend. It was a chore getting ready for it, but I’ve been really looking forward to this time. I need to get away, even if it’s short and sweet.

While being self-employed offers a good bit of flexibility, one of the downsides is no paid time off or holidays. If I’m not working, I’m not getting paid. That might be nice if I ever write a best-selling book or something, but right now, it’s hard. Any “vacation” time is preceded by piling in the work hours to make up for when I’ll be off. Not so fun.

Sometimes, I can use it as an excuse to not get as much rest as I really need. And sometimes, it’s a legitimate excuse. But just because something is tricky or complicated doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It just means a little creativity might be required.

Because long periods of extended rest are not really an option right now, I’ve learned to weave patterns of rest into my days, weeks, and months. But more importantly, when there’s a chance to get away, I take it.

A change of pace and scenery does wonders for the soul. So I’m fully embracing the fresh air, the hiking, the playing. (Maybe not the tent sleeping, but hey, you take what you can get!)

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Day 4: Family Time (31 Days of Simple Truths)

31daysOfSimpleTruthsI’m slipping in at the last minute, after a day spent with my family. We made pancakes, went for a hike at a nearby nature preserve, then cleaned up and headed to my cousin’s wedding. I’ve just tucked two munchkins into bed who wore themselves out dancing, eating cake and running in circles with second cousins they rarely see. It was a good day, and as my body starts prompting me toward bed, I feel how much my soul needed it.

I’m very task-oriented. I get things done, but sometimes, I can lose sight of people in the process. And I can definitely lose sight of me.

With boxes still unpacked, walls that need to be painted before pictures can be hung, a week of homeschooling to prep for, and work hours that I’m behind on after all the moving and being sick, it was tempting to come up with a to do list for the weekend. But I’m finally learning (isn’t that nice?), and I paid attention to the needs of my family and the needs of my own body & heart.

We rested. We played. We watched movies. We enjoyed autumn’s belated arrival to Texas. We caught up with relatives we haven’t seen in awhile. And now, the week ahead seems a little less daunting.

It’s been said before, but it’s a truth worth saying again and again—sometimes, we need a little less doing and a lot more being.

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