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Five Minute Friday: Belong

Photo by Jennifer Upton

Photo by Jennifer Upton

Restless heart,
you belong.

Perhaps not in the small spaces,
the comfy cozy places
sought by so many.

But you belong.

Gypsy heart,
I see you.

Your roots do not run merely deep,
but also wide,
far wide,
arms flung open
to embrace all the color,
that is this great wide world.

Photo by Jennifer Upton

Photo by Jennifer Upton

You are not alone.
No one is alone
who has looked deep into souls
all over the world,
who can go back to anywhere
and find themselves coming home
because here they connected to hearts.

We belong –
you and I –
with our vagabond hearts
and feet itching to find new trails.
We belong to the adventure.
Our home is in the song of the wild
beckoning us to come and see.


Perhaps others shake their heads,
push us aside
because we brush up against their longing
for security,
for one place.
They are not wrong,
we are not better.
Our hearts just beat with
a different rhythm.

If you find yourself longing
to ride off on the wind,
craving new spaces,
ready to go –
it is not because you are lost.

It is because we belong.
We belong to the whole vast universe.

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Five Minute Friday: Writer

Image Source: A Shared Lens

Image Source: A Shared Lens


As a little girl, I knew I wanted to write.  Among other things, but this was one of my favorite pastimes.  I got better and better the older I got.  But one thing was always the same – I claimed writing as something I liked to do, but I never claimed “writer” as someone I was.

That is beginning to change.  It’s hard some days.  You say “I’m a writer” and someone will say “have you written any books?”  I still can’t say yes to that question, but I can say I’m working on one and have ideas for two more.  Even more, I am cultivating the discipline day after day, weaving it more and more into my life.  Even when it’s hard.  Even when life’s demands seem determined to steal my writing time.  Even when the words are feeling tired and empty.  It is still becoming intricately entwined.

So . . . I find myself a little more willing each day to say, “Yes, I am a writer.”  And I work on not comparing myself to other writers.  Because ultimately what makes a writer is someone who found her own voice and told her own stories.  I don’t have to be like anyone else.  My process doesn’t have to play out like anyone else’s.  My book will come out in its own time, its own way.  But for all the writing I will have to do just to get to that point?  I might as well go on and claim it now.

I am a writer.

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Five Minute Friday: Willing

Image Source: CreationSwap

Image Source: CreationSwap

I remember what He asked me, so clearly.  Me – the girl who loves to travel more than anything.  Me – the girl who adapts to any other culture so much more easily than she adapts to her own. Me – the girl who wanted to change the world.

“I know you will go if I ask you to go.  But will you stay if I ask you to stay?”

I love Him and He loves me, so I said yes.

And here I have stayed.  Here I have laid my heart on the altar, let Him dig deep, let Him shake everything that can be shaken.

The years go by, and the process continues.  But I am willing.

Willing to consider if things I have always believed might be wrong.

Willing to let my mind be re-formed.

Willing to let my heart be ignited with new passions.

Willing to redefine, rediscover, reshape.

As long as it takes.  As long as He holds me through it all.

I am willing.  Because I am His.


*This post is part of Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday link up.


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Five Minute Friday: Hero

Image Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

*This post is part of the link up with Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday.  We write for five minutes, no stopping, no editing, on a given subject.

Is it bad to admit I want to be someone’s hero?  Because it’s true.  I do.

I almost whispered it to my husband yesterday: “I think I was meant to influence, to impact . . .”

But it’s also terrifying.  How many of my heroes have fallen?  How many have turned out to be less than heroic?  And often, how devastating was that to my heart?

I would never want to devastate anyone’s heart.  And yet, in spite of the devastation, how much did those heroes shape me?

The one who encouraged and unleashed my love of music.

The one who pushed and challenged me into my love of writing.

The one who dropped me into the deep end of leadership and then taught me how to swim.

The one who drew me into a deeper pursuit of God.

None of them perfect, all of them life-changing.

In the end I can only hope that when my failures and imperfections get the better of me, there will still be something beautiful and redemptive far more eternal than my humanity.

And so I confess again, maybe a little louder of a whisper, I do want to be someone’s hero.


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Five-Minute Friday: Visit

Image Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Sometimes this is all you want after a long day, week, month.

The comfort of a friend to whom you can say it all or say none of it.  Sipping tea or coffee or wine, whatever the night calls for.

The familiarity that allows a phone call saying, “Hey, mind if I drop by?”

Is there anything so sweet in the world as a visit of a trusted friend?  And yet it seems rare, hard to find, easy to lose.  Some seasons they are there, and some seasons, they’re not – at least that’s been the pattern I know.

But they are out there, scattered around the globe – Mozambique, England – and some a little closer, but not close enough, those whom I have trusted enough to lay my heart bare.

And tonight, I crave the visit, the nearness.  To laugh until we cry.  To let the tears fall into safe hands.  To speak the impossible dreams to ones who will say, “Go.  And we’ll be here all the way.”

*Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday.


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Five Minute Friday: Encouragement

Image Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Sometimes I think encouragement gets looked down on as a lesser gift.  Like we think it’s shallow.  Only needed for those too weak to pick themselves up.

But – and here I go all English nerdy – that’s not what the word implies at all.  En- is one of those prefixes that suggests “in” or “into”.  And it’s paired with courage.  To encourage someone is literally to impart courage to them, to infuse them with bravery and the will to continue.  It is affirming who they are and the belief that they can.  It is a lifting up when the battle is raging all around and saying, “Come on.  We’ve got this.”

And it can take a lot more than a few nice words to impart courage to a trembling soul.  Maybe this is why we look down it, to avoid coming alongside in the trenches and taking up our weapons and saying, “Let’s do this.  We’re braver together.”

Encouragement matters so much.  We should be lavishly generous with it, even if to a fault.  I would rather be known as someone who was always ready to speak life into the souls of others than one who withheld.

Be crazy generous with your encouragement today.  There’s not a living soul around you who doesn’t truly need it (no matter what they say).

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Five Minute Friday: See

Image Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I want to see.

I want the fog to clear, the clouds to disperse.  I want to know and understand.  I understand that blind faith can be something to be applauded – the trusting so completely and resting there.

But some days, I just want to see.

To know how this crazy pile of puzzled pieces could possibly fit together.  To see why I am wired with so much passion and so little time.  To clearly discern which path is the best to take and not fear what is happening behind the scenes because I can simply see.

I want to see Your heart – to not have to merely trust what I know I’ve heard or read or even experienced before, but to see it right now, with what it has for me today.  I want to see the why that has led to this place, to understand, to not keep stubbing my toe on the question marks.

I so want to see the gifts hiding in others, to be able to call those things to life.  To see what You see in their stories.

I want to see.

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