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Day 28: Embrace the Wondering (31 Days of Simple Truths)

Copy-of-DSC_0677-1024x681Over the past two years, my spiritual journey has taken me to unexpected places—deep into the heart of my own questions, doubts, and frustrations.

It scared me. I’ve watched people “wrestle with theology,” until suddenly, they didn’t want anything to do with God or church or Christianity. I thought I’d made peace with my own questions; I didn’t expect them to re-surface. What had I missed?

I didn’t want to lose my faith, but I couldn’t stop the unraveling. I grabbed hold of familiar truths only to find them crumbling in my hands. Many things I had been taught, had wholeheartedly believed, simply didn’t hold up against the reality I faced.

Several months ago, I wept my way through worship once again. I felt incredibly lost, when I sensed the breath of the Spirit on my heart: Don’t you remember who I am? I’m the One who guides you into all truth. And how do you find truth? You ask questions. I’m guiding your questions. It’s Me.

I can’t describe the burden lifted from me in that moment.

The Holy Spirit guides our questions. Have you ever pondered that? It’s a breathtaking reality. Doubt is not always a bad thing. Sometimes He wants us to doubt that thing we’ve clung to because it’s become entangled with something He never meant for us to be anchored to. Sometimes He wants to unravel our foundations, so He can build better ones.

Today, I’m over at The Art of Fear Not with Tammy Hendricksmeyer, writing about leaning into the questions and trusting the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth. Join  me over there for the rest!

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A Blessing for the Unknown (40 Days of Poetry)

Winding Lane by Jennifer Upton

Winding Lane by Jennifer Upton

When you are weary with the uncertainty –

the constant moving of your nomadic heart –

when you are craving the roots of home,

but fear there is no home for you –


Bask in the remembering – you were made for adventure.

And if the awakening comes that you missed the directions,

took the wrong path –

be blessed with the courage to blaze a new trail,

even should it mean beginning again.

Cling to hope and be fearless

and rest in the wisdom of one who went before:

Not all who wander are lost.

So be blessed in your wandering –

you are not invisible.

You are not lost.


Inspired by a prompt from the 40 Days of Poetry class through Story Sessions.  Looking for an inspiring community of writers? Join us.

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