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A Blessing for the Unknown (40 Days of Poetry)

Winding Lane by Jennifer Upton

Winding Lane by Jennifer Upton

When you are weary with the uncertainty –

the constant moving of your nomadic heart –

when you are craving the roots of home,

but fear there is no home for you –


Bask in the remembering – you were made for adventure.

And if the awakening comes that you missed the directions,

took the wrong path –

be blessed with the courage to blaze a new trail,

even should it mean beginning again.

Cling to hope and be fearless

and rest in the wisdom of one who went before:

Not all who wander are lost.

So be blessed in your wandering –

you are not invisible.

You are not lost.


Inspired by a prompt from the 40 Days of Poetry class through Story Sessions.  Looking for an inspiring community of writers? Join us.


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