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Day 3: Ask (31 Days of Simple Truths)

31daysOfSimpleTruthsI am not good at asking for help when I need it. Some weird mixture of feeling weak, not wanting to inconvenience someone, or the possibility of being perceived as too needy swirls into my brain, and I stuff the vulnerability down. Our world seems to value strong, independent women—the ones who sweep in and get things done. I’d rather be one of those.

The thing is, I am strong. Independent. Capable. But also, human. And we’re not meant to go it alone. God explicitly said it’s not good for us to try to navigate life alone. I do need help sometimes. We all do. And if we are perceived as weak or too much for that need, the fault doesn’t lie with us.

I’ve got a lovely graphic for this series now. Because I asked a co-worker for help. He whipped this out in a matter of minutes. One day, I’d like to figure it out for myself, and maybe I’ll ask him, or any of my other graphically talented acquaintances, for help.

Meanwhile, if we can practice voicing our small needs, perhaps it will be less daunting to ask when the need is bigger. After all, asking is a mark of wisdom, not weakness.


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