About Me



I’m so honored that you’ve taken time to read my heart. Here’s a little more about who I am:

A writer completely enchanted with the power of words and stories
A lost musician puzzling over where home is and how to find my way there
A recovering perfectionist embracing the wonder of grace I missed for so many years
A justice seeker who sometimes stumbles because all the causes resonate but I’m not quite sure yet which one is mine
A wife and mommy
A romantic, dreamer and adventurer
A wannabe foodie, daily afternoon tea drinker, annual Pride & Prejudice reader and shameless Coldplay fangirl

In this space, I wrestle through the beauty and tension of choosing creativity, rest, health, meaningful relationships and faith in the rhythm of everyday life – an intentional pursuit of the sacred in the midst of my ordinary.


2 responses to “About Me

  1. I love this!! I too find words wholly insufficient but continue to try.

  2. Linda

    I want more and more of the Holy Spirit, you have a word for me, my walk has been 9 years in April taking care of my motherinlaw, daily very hard journey taking care of 2 children at home husband house duties I am burned out every ones life has not changed in her kids lives mine changed tremendoysly, I pray daily for strength and patience mom looks great we exercise and walk daily she will be 99 in August keep me in prayer please linda

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