And So It Begins

I have been working up the courage to launch this blog for two years.

I still don’t have it, but that Voice speaking to the deepest places in me is stronger and louder than ever before.

Write My words.  Lay bare the intricate heart I have given you.  Be fully the burning soul I have made you – imperfect and messy and passionate and beautiful.

I tend to think too much, and so I have done all my research on this blogging thing.  Find your niche.  Focus on one thing.  Incorporate this media.  Use this host.  Don’t use this host.  Make a living.  Target a certain audience.  It has made my head hurt and spin.  It has made my heart quiver and almost fail.


But not quite.  Because I just want to write, and I want to write what makes my heart come alive.  I want to write about the glories and struggles of marriage.  I want to write about the victories and defeats of being a mommy.  I want to write about the power of music and the pursuit of health and a passion for nations.  I want to challenge the next generation and offer wisdom to blossoming leaders.

And above all, I want to write, MUST write about Him – my Love, my Friend, my Jesus.

I can not separate these things.  They are all part of me.

So I invite you in to pause and think and savor and grow.  But mostly, I hope you will recognize what makes your own dear heart burn and find the courage to run with it.


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