The Battle for Hope (And I’m Still Here)

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Oh, dear blog readers, I’m still here.

I cannot believe my last post was September 15. This might be my longest stretch of silence since I started blogging, and I certainly did not plan it.

There’s this fine line as a writer–finding the balance between not over-sharing but still offering the vulnerability and raw honesty that makes stories powerful. I struggle to walk this line because I do not believe in spewing AllTheThings over the entire internet, but I do believe in transparency and not shrinking away from the hard things.

With trembling hands, can I hold out my messy heart for a moment?

A few weeks ago, I had one of those epiphanies that often comes in the ethereal seconds between waking and sleeping, when your defenses are down and your mind is drifting, so your heart and spirit get a chance to speak up a little louder than usual. I had been so busy surviving, trying to keep my family encouraged and hopeful and moving forward during a hard season, that I missed how deeply my heart was grieving. Space had not been allowed for the processing of some painful losses.

I am used to living with feisty emotions, but the depth of what I was carrying and stuffing deep inside caught me off guard. The processing has been rough. It still is.

2014–a year I held very high hopes and expectations for–has turned out to be marked by four heart-shaking circumstances that have all left their own variation of chaos or hurt in their wake

A prayer we’d been waiting to see answered for five years was seemingly realized for a few weeks, only to unravel into a nightmare. And nothing in my theology or experiences with God prepared me for this. Seasons when He seems silent or distant? Yes, I can navigate that. Seasons of waiting when you’re wondering when He will come through? We’ve gotten pretty good at those too. But when it seems a promise is fulfilled and then it’s not? Ok, technically I supposed stories like Abraham & Isaac & Job should’ve prepared me, but they didn’t. They just didn’t.

How do you navigate feeling utterly betrayed by God? At least there was a point when the prophet Jeremiah cried out, “Oh God, You deceived me and I was deceived.” It’s not really comforting, but at least someone else felt tricked by God and had the guts to say so. But I have walked with God for most of my life, and this has shaken that relationship to its core. In a lot of ways, God and I are beginning again.

During all of this, another decision we had been mulling for several months became clear, and we realized we needed to step away from the church plant we’d been part of for two and a half years. And while I still know in my bones this was the best choice for our family, it has been an enormous loss for me. I loved that church. I invested my heart deeply into that church. I had huge dreams for that church. I saw myself there for many more years. I had relationships I thought would last a lifetime, and instead they are broken or unravelling.

I have grieved this like a death in many ways. It still stings. Even though my children and husband are flourishing spiritually in a way they hadn’t been able to for a long time, even though this decision was made back in June, my heart aches. It is hard to trust that what was best for my family will also somehow be best for me. I don’t see it yet.

We had every intention of moving when our lease was up at the end of September. Our current apartment isn’t horrible, but we don’t love it and only saw it as very temporary. Our kids have been asking for their own rooms and a backyard, and we were really hoping to find a house to rent, somewhere we could settle for a little while.

But the closer it got to September, the more we realized it wasn’t the most practical choice yet. Financially, we would benefit more in the long run if we stayed put another year. Another hope dashed. We’re adjusting a little better to this one, but it’s still hard, especially the closer we get to Christmas. Last year, when we packed up our decorations, the kids and I actually prayed that when we put them up again, it would be in a new house with a fireplace. I’m really hoping they don’t remember that prayer. I’m not ready to deal with those questions.

And the thread running through all these things has been an ongoing health challenge with our little girl. I’ve shared here before about her surgery as a baby and why this is so hard for me. She has a kidney abnormality, and I’ve spent a huge chunk of time over the last month and a half sitting with her through tests and waiting rooms and visits to specialists. The good news is it doesn’t seem as serious as they initially thought; the bad news is there are still a lot of question marks, things we just don’t have answers for yet. So we wait and plan for a few more doctor visits and we wait some more. I don’t know how this story ends yet.

I don’t share all this for any pity or dramatics. I share it because someone else out there needs to know they’re not alone in the unravelling of hopes, in the quaking of faith. I share it because I’ve mastered the art of smiling and looking like we have it together, and I don’t want to be that person.

I share because last Saturday found me locked in the bathroom, sobbing on the floor, everything in me just wanting to give up because it’s too hard and the strain I’m experiencing on so many levels feels too intense. I found myself on the brink of throwing hope to the wind. Do you know what a terrifying brink that is? It almost seems cruel. Because what is life without hope, yet how do you hope when you’ve been met with disappointment again and again? You feel like you can’t win.

And I am telling you, I was completely and utterly at the end of my reserves to muster the ability to just keep going. I do not have it in me. But hope is a powerful force, and sometime it takes hold of you even when you can’t take hold of it. Say what you will, I know beyond the shadow of doubt it was God Himself that picked me up off that floor and gave me enough spark to finish that day. Then the next one, and the next one, and the next one . . .

I think of Jacob wrestling with God and saying “I will not let You go until You bless me.” That is pretty much my only prayer right now–to wrap myself around everything I have ever known and experienced about grace and hope and unfailing love (even if those things feel so hidden right now), to look through the tears and hang on tight and scream, “I will not let You go until You bless me. I will not!”

I realize in deeper ways than I have known before that so much of faith is truly not about feeling, but about choosing. I can choose to let go or I can choose to hold on. One day, I might choose for me. But right now, there are two precious faces that look at me every day with eyes full of wonder and hope, so for them, I choose wonder and hope too.

Can I whisper to you, friend also looking to get up from the bathroom floor and see beauty through your tears, choose hope with me? 

P.S.: I promise to not go so silent again. I have so many things I want to write and share. And later this month, I am celebrating seven years of marriage to the love of my life, and I am going to share both fun and serious things I’ve learned so far. Stick around?

P.P.S.: If you read all the way to the end of this, you deserve a prize. Have a piece of chocolate or glass of wine!



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10 responses to “The Battle for Hope (And I’m Still Here)

  1. Elaine Carr

    OK. Heading for a cup of hot cocoa now. You should have one, too.

  2. I read it all and I have had to “pull myself up off the bathroom floor” many times, BUT GOD! He sent me a prayer warrior, Adela, to help me through some of those times–you. I truly do understand where you are in this season. I am so thankful for the hope that lives in us, and I haven’t forgotten you for sure. I miss your family at CLC, but God’s ways are not my ways, so I am trying to remember to rest in His love and the changes He requires for me and for others in my life–you leaving CLC. Praying for you and your family in all of your areas of decisions, hurts, struggles and disappointments, knowing that He is able. Sadly, I can become so busy with my family and my life that I forget to stop even long enough to send you an email or text just to say, “I care and am thinking about you,” but I do care. You have prayed me through some very difficult times (bathroom floor in a puddle of tears kind of pain), and I am so thankful for those prayers. Love you all and am praying.

  3. Hey. I love you so much. I’m here. And I believe in my core that He’ll meet you in YOUR core in this season. Holding onto that hope for you, with you.

  4. I am here, hoping with you. It want too many years ago, I was there on that floor too. It does get better, even if it’s slow as a snail, it DOES get better. And I learned many hard lessons in the process, which have a benefit far above the hardships.

  5. Adela, I can identify with some of what you share here. We’ve had to leave churches more than once and one esp. was so hard, but it was needed. My sobbing was never done on the bathroom floor (guess I was afraid someone would hear me) but in the shower where the water would drown it out. I’m so glad to know you are holding on to hope. God is there and He is faithful even though at times you feel like you are in the dark. Keep holding on – you will get through the dark. Hugs to you ❤

  6. Girl! I read it all. And I think you’re brave. And I think you’re beautiful. And I’m so glad you shared while you are still in the middle, before it’s all wrapped up in a pretty bow. Because in a lot of ways, I’m still there, in the middle, and your words are encouraging me. Thank you for being you. 🙂

  7. Tina

    Oh the battles that I have fought….the despair of loss of hope…the depth of the power of darkness to snuff out my hope has been unrelenting. Why? Because God is faithful to answer my prayers to know Him, to know the power of the gospel restored, to see restoration, to see the captives set free, to see the true message and power of Christ be made known. I have been blind, I have been lost in Christianity, I have been lost in pain and trauma, I have been battling darkness and to see love not fail since childhood as this is the hope the Father placed in my heart. God’s love is more powerful than all fear, His light is able to overcome the deepest darkness, is hope is able to destroy despair, His truth is greater than any lie! Never give up! “Love never fails” “Perfect love cast out all fear”

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